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Monday Aug 24, 2020

For the first time, on this episode of Ramptons Radio I'm joined by a guest! The amazing RJB - Rueben J Berg - takes a seat at the Ramptons Radio table to discuss whether or not we have free will. Rueben and I agree that we probably don't, but we explore some interesting nuances throughout the discussion.

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Absolutely everything you know about the universe is an arbitrary definition you created yourself, built on axioms you assumed to be true, and is not a true reflection of reality. Here's Tom with the weather.

Tuesday Feb 18, 2020

Dangerous idea: we should just award "Australian of the Year" to whoever pays the most tax. In this episode, I talk about ways to align the incentives of the super-rich with the rest of society, and learn the lesson of releasing a podcast 7 days after recording it (in which Bezos has announced a $10B climate change fund that I was unaware of at the time).

Sunday Feb 09, 2020

A thought about why taking an extreme position in a public debate can be useful, even if you don't convince anyone around to your point of view.

Friday Jan 10, 2020

A personal perspective on why the first rule of Ultimate Frisbee can change the world. (Explicit language warning: I say the word "c__t" when relating an anecdote about five minutes in).

Monday Dec 09, 2019

In this episode, I consider the possibility that by filling out the Liberal Party survey, I confirmed my status as an idiot... (apologies if that conclusion also draws you into the category of idiot).

Wednesday Sep 18, 2019

In this episode of Ramptons Radio, I talk about an epiphany I had following the birth of my son, with regards to the scale of time.

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